17 #HappyBdayChelsea - Govt.Reps/NGOs Info Sharing / Candle displays for her birthday for xmas night shoppers

19 #IAmJulianAssange - Hearing 9.30am Westminster Magist.Court

20 #Protest Illegal Spying Of Julian Assange By CIA " "

31 #BelmarshVigil for Julian Assange 6pm- late


22  Festival for Assange @DEACampaign Details TBC 


      Belmarsh Prison 9.30am London UK

      Aotea Square 9.30am Auckland NZ

      Parliament Steps 9.30am Wellington NZ

Tuesday 17th December 2019, Chelsea Manning's Birthday - Write to her

It's Chelsea's birthday on December 17th  Cards aren't allowed, but letters are & printouts of photos of cards should be ok. Show your solidarity by writing to her and donate to her legal defence. Here's her mailing address:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road Alexandria, VA 22314

Tuesday 17th December 2019, Chelsea Manning's Birthday - Share Info about Her During Xmas Shopping Nights

Wellington + Berlin will be holding Candle displays giving out cake, and handing out pamphlets on both Chelsea Manning and Assange, during xmas night shopping this week to mark the hearing in London as well as her birthday. 

Thursday 19th December 2019, 8:00 Attending Case Management Court Hearing

On the 19th December, at 10:00 a Case Management court hearing will take place at Westminster Magistrates Court. It is important that WikiLeaks supporters attend court in the public gallery and stand witness to the proceedings. The seats are limited to 13 in the public gallery and so it is advisable to make an early start queuing at 8 am outside the building for the doors to open at 9 am go through security and queue again outside the Court room. 

Date/Time: 19/12/2019 8 am for a 10 am court hearing.
Place:         Westminster Magistrates Court,
Address:    181 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5BR
Tube:          Edgware Rd, Marylebone

Friday 20th December 2019, 9:00 Protest outside Westminster Magistrates Court

The UK has finally accepted that a Spanish judge interrogates Julian Assange as a witness in the case of espionage to which he was subjected by a security company during his stay at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. The magistrate of the National Court José de la Mata will interrogate Julian Assange by videoconference on December 20th. Julian Assange will be transferred from Belmarsh Prison, in south-east London, to Westminster Magistrates Court to answer questions about the violation of the secret of communication between himself and his lawyers and the alleged delivery of those conversations to the US and the Central Intelligence Agency according to Spanish Daily El Pais.

JADC shall gather outside the Court in solidarity with Julian Assange and protest at his 9 year persecution by state actors for revealing through WikiLeaks publishing war crimes and corruption. Join us!

Date/Time: 20/12/2019 8 am for a 10 am court hearing.
Place:         Westminster Magistrates Court,
Address:    181 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5BR
Tube:           Edgware Rd, Marylebone




Free Press / Assange supporters sitting on chairs with candle in jar

- keeping the delicate flame of press freedom burning by keeping watch

outside US Embassies / Consulates WORLDWIDE:

#Europe Berlin - WEDNESDAY - weekly Patrick Bradatsch
 Dusseldorf - WEDNESDAY - 2/month Isi Wasi

#Europe Athens -WEDNESDAY 1/month  Susana Kalemou 
#NorthAmerica - Mexico - TUESDAY 2/month. Natalia R Scott 
#Australasia - Canberra FRIDAY 1/month. Lorese Vera

#Australasia - Auckland 1/month. Fiona Hansen

#South Africa - Johannesburg (RANDOM) @infinitesmile1 twitter only

Events are gathered  #DontExtraditeAssange Committee to Defend Julian Assange; Action4Assange; Unity4J; FreeAssangeNZ; Melbourne4Wikileaks; Operation Free Assange Support Assange & Wikileaks Coalition (SAWC); & the 62 cities that took part in Candles4Assange in July for Assange's birthday

Message @Candles4Assange your proposed protest locations (FULL street address) for any dates you wish and we will include details on the ​Candles4Assange members around the world along with fellow supporters within the global supporter groups listed above will help promote any event links / contacts / posts if you tag #Candles4Assange or any of the event hashtags suggested above. I am afraid maps had to be taken down as Google suddenly stopped supporting them? Working on a replacement for all that valuable info on NGOs Govt Reps Embassys and protest locations.

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