Anonymous / MillionMaskMarch actions have kindly promoted Candles4Assange here!

If you can attend one of the existing Million Mask March events or create one yourself (go to MMM discord site to add an event and note your country of origin in the welcome page. ) hopefully we can connect you with others in your area to support your actions. We are suggesting people wear JA masks which you can download here:


If you can help out with any of these events and/or are willing to be a point of contact please let me know / send me links to FB events twitter post or any appropriate info and I can update and promote further with the help of Action4Assange (USA) JADC (UK) and our various candles members around the world.


Last but not least there is a very handy page of social media contacts to lobby: tag / post / write / phone (comes from #OperationFreeAssange 

Facebook Group) Please feel free to offer suggestions / additional names etc and we can add and publish / amplify online.

5 NOVEMBER 2019 #MillionMaskMarch


Come along to MillionMaskMarch (now in 42 cities) to help inform people about the war on journalism currently underway worldwide.  In London @lord_truman @JA_Defence will march from Nelson's Column 6pm and gather outside No.10 Downing St. 9pm. 

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