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11  #BringAssangeHome March: Parliament OZ 

16  #NoUSExtradition Trafalgar Sq /US HQs

18 #WeAreArrested @JA_Defence Leafleting 

24 #PublicMeeting4Assange Wellington

27 #BringJulianHome Queensland Parliament 7pm

28 JA_Defence: Public Lecture 6pm

30 #Vigil4Assange - Belmarsh 2-4pm


10 #HumanRightsDay - NGO HQs

17 #HappyBdayChelsea - Govt.Reps/NGOs

19 #IAmJulianAssange - Hearing in London

Add YOUR OWN local solidarity event to REINFORCE GLOBAL SUPPORT

Contact @Candles4Assange & a collective of global supporter groups will list, map + amplify your efforts!

​​​NO ACTION IS TOO SMALL when it is coming at THEM from ALL directions!

10-12 NOV:

#BringAssangeHome: @Melbourne4Wiki March on Parliament House 11 Nov Canberra Noon - suggested solidarity actions at Australian embassies / consulates worldwide: Amplify / write ring your MP and tell them about the recent formation of a Cross Party working group to save Julian in the Australian Parliament 

16 NOV:

#NoUSExtradition: Global Vigil for Julian Assange:

Is your government part of this political persecution? Does your city have a SQUARE? Why not join and demand freedom for Julian:

London - Trafalgar Square 12-3pm  @Lord_Truman @JA_Defence

New York  - Washington Square Park 12-3pm @HandsOffAssange

WashingtonDC - Whitehouse 1-3pm @BillHog15360397

Glasgow - Freedom Square 12-3pm @Junei96

Sydney - Manly Wharf 10.30am @SAWCSydney 

Wellington - Civic Square 12-3pm  @GreenweaverArch

Toronto - 100 Queen St West 12-3pm @mcmastersteve

18 NOV:

#We are Arrested Leafleting Opportunity through @JA_Defence / @WISEupAction

This is a play about persecuted journalists and a perfect opportunity to reach out to people who are interested about free press free speech issues.

24 NOV:

Public Meeting At Victoria University, Wellington (Hosted by SEP NZ

27 NOV:

#BringJulianHome Queensland Parliament 7pm by @Julian_Home

28 NOV:

Public Lecture @JA_Defence: 6pm

30 NOV:

#Vigil4Assange: Belmarsh Prison, London - Solidarity Vigil + Action Outside Free Press / Freedom of Expression NGOs​ #Vigil4Assange - Belmarsh 2-4pm

10 DEC:

#HumanRightsDay: Focus on Non-Governmental Organisations with mandate to protect Human Rights.  Many of these organisations use Wikileaks publications but have never campaigned for Assange despite the obvious multi-state sponsored political persecution underway. Possible launch of a funding drive / social media support and amplification for those NGO's who recognise and support this cause.  #HumanRightsDay - NGO HQs

17 DEC:

#HappyBdayChelsea: Focus on protecting and highlighting the plight of various whistleblowers at the hands of those they exposed  - lobbying MP's to introduce protective measures / government policy that will protect future journalistic activities. #HappyBdayChelsea

If you have ideas on how to honour Chelsea's birthday and protect whistleblowers generally please get in touch. There is still time to organise 




Free Press / Assange supporters sitting on chairs with candle in jar - keeping the delicate flame of press freedom burning by keeping watch outside US Embassies / Consulates WORLDWIDE:

#Europe Berlin - WEDNESDAY - weekly Patrick Bradatsch
 Dusseldorf - WEDNESDAY - 2/month Isi Wasi

#Europe Athens -WEDNESDAY 1/month  Susana Kalemou 
#NorthAmerica - Mexico - TUESDAY 2/month. Natalia R Scott 
#Australasia - Canberra FRIDAY 1/month. Lorese Vera

#Australasia - Auckland 1/month. Fiona Hansen

#South Africa - Johannesburg (RANDOM) @infinitesmile1 twitter only

Events are gathered from: Committee to Defend Julian Assange; Action4Assange; Unity4J; FreeAssangeNZ; Melbourne4Wikileaks; Operation Free Assange Support Assange & Wikileaks Coalition (SAWC); & the 62 cities that took part in Candles4Assange in July for Assange's birthday

Message @Candles4Assange your proposed protest locations (FULL street address) for any dates you wish and we will include details on the live MAP & ​Candles4Assange members around the world along with fellow supporters within the global supporter groups listed above will help promote any event links / contacts / posts if you tag #Candles4Assange or any of the event hashtags suggested above.

19 DEC:

#IAmJulianAssange - Hearing in London

As Assange wrote in one of his recent letters from Belmarsh to an activist asking for suggestions: Consider peaceful protests outside "Soft" targets  (eg. NGO's with human rights / press / antiwar or sympathetic media - Le Monde etc. / Govt. representatives seeking election) en-route marching to a protest at a "hard" target (eg. corporate Media HQs - local government offices, or OZ / UK / US embassies, consulates worldwide).  We are suggesting peaceful actions or civil disobedience, however each country may have their own restrictions / safety considerations.  Organisers may need to seek formal permission to protest, however only take action in public, if it is safe to do so.

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