3 JULY 2019

#Candles4Assange STOP THE WAR ON JOURNALISM - Julian Assange's Birthday where Wellington invited the world to join them in a birthday protest and 62 Cities/Towns across 6 continents took part! (and yes... we tried Scott Base Antarctica but they were no go!?)

21 OCTOBER 2019


9am Westminster Magistrates Court - Administrative Hearing - A day of action with Yellow Vests touring London.

26 OCTOBER 2019 #MediaMIA #TellTheTruth: 

It is important that the BBC reports correctly on the Julian Assange case and the inaccuracies and fake news propagated against him over a number of years is glaring. As JADC attempts to Correct the Record in the Julian Assange case they hosted a "Julian Assange No Extradition" rally outside the BBC Broadcasting House 2-4pm. with actions at media HQs worldwide also taken in NYC, Mexico, Switzerland, Wellington and Auckland.

11 OCTOBER 2019

#Jailed4Journalism +6 Months Since Arrest  (10.30am UK🕙) 9am Westminster Magistrates Court / UK Embassies /Consulates Worldwide eg. Melbourne MP's/ GOVT buildings elsewhere

5 NOVEMBER 2019 #MillionMaskMarch


Come along to MillionMaskMarch (now in 42 cities) to help inform people about the war on journalism currently underway worldwide.  In London @lord_truman @JA_Defence will march from Nelson's Column 6pm and gather outside No.10 Downing St. 9pm. 


PICTURES Above: #Jailed4Journalism 11oct - London Melbourne Wellington Denver Boston Below: #Candles4Assange 3July - 62 cities

26 OCTOBER 2019 #MediaMIA #TellTheTruth: 

#MediaMIA #TellTheTruth #CorrectTheRecord in solidarity with @JA_defence & @lord_truman at the BBC Broadcasting House London 2-4pm Saturday 26th Oct with related solidarity events in @CBC Toronto, Mexico Switzerland USA & Germany - a regular monthly event is now proposed : (next one 29th Nov)

25 OCTOBER 2019 #MediaMIA #TellTheTruth: 

Julian Alexander Terris & I visited RadioNZ 25 Oct to try to get an interview, or speak to a reporter about bias and smears in reporting on the persecution and west-sponsored torture of #JulianAssange

No luck so far, but we will go again on Thursday, and keep going until we get it. or they get it. or both 

#MediaMIA #TellTheTruth #CorrectTheRecord in solidarity with @JA_defence & @lord_truman (next one 29th November)

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