*6 June Belmarsh Prison 1pm

3 JULY 2019

#Candles4Assange STOP THE WAR ON JOURNALISM - Julian Assange's Birthday where Wellington invited the world to join them in a birthday protest and 62 Cities/Towns across 6 continents took part! (and yes... we tried Scott Base Antarctica but they were no go!?)

21 OCTOBER 2019


9am Westminster Magistrates Court - Administrative Hearing - A day of action with Yellow Vests touring London.

26 OCTOBER 2019 #MediaMIA #TellTheTruth: 

It is important that the BBC reports correctly on the Julian Assange case and the inaccuracies and fake news propagated against him over a number of years is glaring. As JADC attempts to Correct the Record in the Julian Assange case they hosted a "Julian Assange No Extradition" rally outside the BBC Broadcasting House 2-4pm. with actions at media HQs worldwide also taken in NYC, Mexico, Switzerland, Wellington and Auckland.

11 OCTOBER 2019

#Jailed4Journalism +6 Months Since Arrest  (10.30am UK🕙) 9am Westminster Magistrates Court / UK Embassies /Consulates Worldwide eg. Melbourne MP's/ GOVT buildings elsewhere

5 NOVEMBER 2019 #MillionMaskMarch


Come along to MillionMaskMarch (now in 42 cities) to help inform people about the war on journalism currently underway worldwide.  In London @lord_truman @JA_Defence will march from Nelson's Column 6pm and gather outside No.10 Downing St. 9pm. 


PICTURES Above: #Jailed4Journalism 11oct - London Melbourne Wellington Denver Boston Below: #Candles4Assange 3July - 62 cities

26 OCTOBER 2019 #MediaMIA #TellTheTruth: 

#MediaMIA #TellTheTruth #CorrectTheRecord in solidarity with @JA_defence & @lord_truman at the BBC Broadcasting House London 2-4pm Saturday 26th Oct with related solidarity events in @CBC Toronto, Mexico Switzerland USA & Germany - a regular monthly event is now proposed : (next one 29th Nov)

25 OCTOBER 2019 #MediaMIA #TellTheTruth: 

Julian Alexander Terris & I visited RadioNZ 25 Oct to try to get an interview, or speak to a reporter about bias and smears in reporting on the persecution and west-sponsored torture of #JulianAssange

No luck so far, but we will go again on Thursday, and keep going until we get it. or they get it. or both 

#MediaMIA #TellTheTruth #CorrectTheRecord in solidarity with @JA_defence & @lord_truman (next one 29th November)


10-12 NOV:

#BringAssangeHome: @Melbourne4Wiki March on Parliament House 11 Nov Canberra Noon - suggested solidarity actions at Australian embassies / consulates worldwide: Amplify / write ring your MP and tell them about the recent formation of a Cross Party working group to save Julian in the Australian Parliament 

16 NOV:

#NoUSExtradition: Global Vigil for Julian Assange:

Is your government part of this political persecution? Does your city have a SQUARE? Why not join and demand freedom for Julian:

London - Trafalgar Square 12-3pm  @Lord_Truman @JA_Defence

New York  - Washington Square Park 12-3pm @HandsOffAssange

WashingtonDC - Whitehouse 1-3pm @BillHog15360397

Glasgow - Freedom Square 12-3pm @Junei96

Sydney - Manly Wharf 10.30am @SAWCSydney 

Wellington - Civic Square 12-3pm  @GreenweaverArch

Toronto - 100 Queen St West 12-3pm @mcmastersteve

18 NOV:

#We are Arrested Leafleting Opportunity through @JA_Defence / @WISEupAction

This is a play about persecuted journalists and a perfect opportunity to reach out to people who are interested about free press free speech issues.

24 NOV:

Public Meeting At Victoria University, Wellington (Hosted by SEP NZ

27 NOV:

#BringJulianHome Queensland Parliament 7pm by @Julian_Home

28 NOV:

Public Lecture @JA_Defence: 6pm

30 NOV:

#Vigil4Assange: Belmarsh Prison, London - Solidarity Vigil + Action Outside Free Press / Freedom of Expression NGOs​ #Vigil4Assange - Belmarsh 2-4pm

#EvacuateAssange:  SAT 11 APRIL 2020


24 HRS !  AEST  UTC+10 


​10.30h AEST  UTC+10


​19h UTC+12 NZST (UTC+12) 
@Candles4Assange / Unity4J stream


​13h UTC-5


15h EST (UTC-5)

Courage Foundation 1 Year


​17.30h UTC-0

Free The Truth

Street protests are shut down for the moment with the COVID_19 

however this list of cities and organisers below from our regular

street actions can still be used as a schedule for supporters t

contact their govt reps, local media headquarters and those who

have the power to make a decision on this case.

Tag or DM @Candles4Assange on Twitter to list vigils / public info

sessions /  music / candle displays / art / peaceful protest

/ solidarity vigils around the world.... 

WEEKLY EVENTS (FORTNIGHTLY WHERE INDICATED) for more german language details on German cities


POTSDAM GERMANY -  Steubenplatz                                                                    6PM

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - UK Consul.10 Ave d'Auderghem                                     5PM ComiteFABelg.

ESSLINGEN, GERMANY -  Steubenplatz                                                                 4.30PM


VIENNA, AUSTRIA - Stephansplatz                                                                          5PM 

BERLIN, GERMANY -   Brandenburger Tor                                                             7PM

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY Hauptbahnhof                                                           5 PM (fortnightly 18 Mar / 1,15+29 April)

ROSTOCK, GERMANY -  Universitätsplz 18 Mar)/ Doberanerplz 1+15 April     5PM (fortnightly)

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY -  - Zeil am Brockhauabrunnen                   5PM (fortnightly 18 Mar / 1 + 22 April +18  May)

MÖNCHENGLADBACH , GERMANY -  Alten Markt                                                5PM (1 x month)

SCHWERIN, GERMANY -  Marienplatz Ecke                                                           6PM (fortnightly)

LUDWIGSBURG, GERMANY - Obere Marktstrasse                                               6PM  (1 x month) 25 April

HAMBURG , GERMANY - Flaggenplatz am Jungfernstie                                      5PM 

LEIPZIG, GERMANY - Lowenbrunnen                                                                     4PM

BADEN-BADEN , GERMANY -  Leopoldsplatz                                                         5PM 

COTTBUS, GERMANY -  Stadthallenvorplatz                                                         7PM (fortnightly) 11 March

ULM, GERMANY -  Fußgängerzone                                                                         5PM (fortnightly) 11 March

HANAU, GERMANY -  Marktplatz                                                                            10AM

MÜNCHEN, GERMANY -  Weisenburg                                                                    5PM 

SINGEN , GERMANY -  Ecke August-Ruf-Str.                                                          6PM (fortnightly) 18 March

DRESDEN, GERMANY -  Jorge-Gomondai-Platz                                                     7PM (fortnightly)

KARLSRUHE , GERMANY - Ludwigplatz                                                                  10.30AM (fortnightly)



NEW YORK USA – Grand Central Terminal                                                             5.30PM @NYCFreeAssange

VIENNA AUSTRIA – 11 Gaußplatz                                                                            7.30PM @yviy1

STUTTGART , GERMANY - Rotebühlplatz / Marienstr.                                          5PM 

BREMEN GERMANY - Bremer Marktplatz                                                              5PM

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - 19 Dornoch Terrace West End                                      6.30PM


MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA - Flinders St Station                                                      6.30PM @Melbourne4Wiki

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA - Town Hall                                                                              12 NOON @people4assange

BREMEN GERMANY - Villa Ichon 4 Goetheplatz                                                    7PM

KOLN Domplatte                                                                                                        5PM 

MAGDEBURG, GERMANY - Ernst-REuterAllee am MVBHauschen                      4PM

PADERBORN GERMANY - Franziskanerkirche                                                       4PM

WITTEN, GERMANY - in front of the Galeria                                                          5PM  


LONDON, UK - Belmarsh                                                                                         2PM
LONDON, UK  - Trafalgar Square                                                                            5PM

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - King George Sq.                                                              2PM
NEWPORT, UK - Thomas Sq. Isle of Wight                                                             4PM

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - 40 NiederdorfStrasse                                                   2PM (21 March/ 4+18 April)

LUZERN, SWITZERLAND - Lowenplatz   (14 Mar) Munsterberg                         1PM @FreeAssange_ch

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - (28 Mar) Munsterberg                                                    2PM @FreeAssange_ch

HANNOVER, GERMANY - Kropcke,                                                                          3PM 

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY- Anatomiegarten                                                           12 NOON 

FRANKFURT AM MAIN,  GERMANY- Zeil am Brockhaus                                      12PM (monthly 11 April  9 May ) 

FREIBURG , GERMANY -  Platz der Alten Synagoge                                              2PM (1 x month 25 April)

FLENSBURG - GERMANY - Holmnixe                                                                      10.30AM 

MARBURG, GERMANY - Marketplatz in der Oberstadt                                        11AM  (1 x month) 25 April

CELLE, GERMANY - Poststrasse Ecke Rundestrasse                                             10AM  (1 x month) 25 April

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY - Ludwigplatz                                                                   1PM (1 x month) 25 April

KONSTANZ, GERMANY - Marketsttate                                                                   11.30AM (1 x month) 25 April

DONAU, GERMANY - Höhe Marienapotheke​                                                       10AM


TORONTO, CANADA - 360 University Ave                                                            12 NOON @McmasterSteve
ELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND -  Cuba Mall   Leftbank                                      2PM (Fortnightly) 29Mar.


Let's keep the flame burning for press freedom. (But let's remember the fight for #ChelseaManning too since she has half a million in fees to pay and more hurdles to come!)

W:  🐦 @Candles4Assange  German*
FB: Candles4Assange / Alex Hills

YouTube: Alex Hills  + Candles4Assange (*German) 

#UTD4Assange  #Candles4Assange #FreeAssangeNZ #UTD4Manning 

TW @Candles4Assange

FB(events)  FreeAssangeGlobalProtests  FB Candles4Assange  YT Event Video
Please consider donating or sponsoring  Candles4Assange to support peaceful solidarity actions WORLDWIDE for FREE PRESS 

Patreon  Paypal  (Alex Hills Candles4Assange )

#AssangeCase CALENDAR:

25 March:                Assange call-in by video, Westminster Magistrates Court

7 April:                     Case management hearing

18 May-5 June:       Extradition hearing with evidence, Woolwich Crown Court


24 FEBRUARY 2020

(The 1st day of Assange's US extradition hearing):
Belmarsh Prison, Thamesmead, London

100+ #GilletJaunes 💛 (YellowVests) visited from PARIS + 


WELLINGTON, NZ - Parliament  Steps 12  NOON @GreenweaverArch

AUCKLAND, NZ - British Consulate 12 NOON @fionahansenkiwi

BRISBANE, OZ - UK Consulate 100 Eagle St 12 NOON @ActionAssange

SYDNEY, OZ - Martin Place Amphitheatre 12NOON @people4assange
CANBERRA, OZ, British High Commission 11AM @MsTudor1

HOBART, OZ - Parliament Lawns 12.30PM - 1.30PM FreeAssangeHobart on FB

NOWRA, OZ - 59 Junction St (Cnr Berry St) 12 NOON Truth & Action Shoalhaven

MELBOURNE, OZ - British Consulate 10AM-5PM @Melbourne4Wiki

ADELAIDE, OZ - Parliament Steps 5PM Phil Davies on FB


SEOUL, KOREA - outside Hyndai U-Plex Dept Store @GRevoltution


ATHENS, GREECE - UK Embassy 11AM sousanak on FB

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA - UK Embassy 3PM @SpinachFeisty

NICE, FRANCE - Place Girabaldi 6PM @ldhniece on FB

ULM GERMANY - Banhoffstrasse Galeria Kopfhof 4PM Heike Siecke on FB

VIENNA  AUSTRIA - Karlskirche 12 NOON @yviy1

AMSTERDAM, NL - Museumplein (near AH) 12 NOON @FreeNederland

BERN, SWITZERLAND - Helvetiaplatz 4.30PM @freeassange_ch

BARCELONA,  CATALONIA - Placa Universitat 7.30PM albert.borrellgiro on FB

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - UK Consul.10 Ave d'Auderghem 5PM  ComiteFABelg.

BERLIN, GERMANY- Brandenburger Tor 7PM @easylifeagency

COTTBUS GERMANY - Stadthallenvorplatz 7PM
BADEN-BADEN GERMANY -Stadthallenvorplatz  5PM 

VIENNA  AUSTRIA - Karlskirche 12 NOON @yviy1

BERN SWITZERLAND - Helvetiaplatz 4.30PM @freeassange_ch
BERLIN GERMANY- Brandenburger Tor 7PM @easylifeagency

POTSDAM GERMANY - Am Steubenplatz     6PM

LONDON, UK - Belmarsh  Prison 9.30AM @DEACampaign

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - Parliament Building 10.30AM @Scotsdefend

DUBLIN, IRELAND - UK Embassy 10AM @pixiepondering


NYC, USA - UK  Consulate 885 Second Ave (47th) 11AM @NYCFreeAssange

WASHINGTON DC, USA - Whitehouse  to DOJ 12 NOON @Action_4assange

MINNEAPOLIS, USA - Star Tribune 11.30h Tackling Torture on FB

DENVER, USA - Union Station 4PM @DNVFreeJA

SAN FRAN, USA - UK  Consulate 1 Sansome Street 12 NOON @BayAssange

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - UK Embassy 11AM @nat_riverascott

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - UK march to US Embassy 3.30PM @assange_libre


QUITO, ECUADOR – **Undisclosed location/time: @siguemecuador

Add your city in solidarity! (Direct message Alex Hills on fb @candles4assange on twitter to add yours!) 


LONDON UK | MARCH AUSTRALIA HOUSE (Feat. Roger Waters            11.30AM MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA |Film Projection at Parliament                                  9PM @Aus4Assange

STOCKHOLM SWEDEN |Soltorget                                                                         12 NOON @MEnarsson

AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS |Museumplein                                                      12 NOON @FreeNederland

BASEL SWITZERLAND | 1 Munsterberg                                                                2PM@freeassange_ch

MILAN ITALY | Piazzo Del Liberty                                                                          5PM @FreeAssangeIT

HAMBURG GERMANY| Flaggenplatz                                                                   1.30PM @hamburg4assange
HANNOVER GERMANY| Friedrichswall Ecke Maschstraße                                1.30PM @easylifeagency

MARBURG GERMANY|Markplatz  Markplatz in der Oberstadt                        11AM @easylifeagency

CELLE GERMANY|Poststrasse Ecke Rundestrasse                                              10AM @easylifeagency



TORONTO CANADA |360 University Ave.                                                            12 NOON @mcmastersteve

WELLINGTON NZ |Public Talk Cuba Street                                                          3PM @SEGNewZealand

ROME ITALY |Piazza del Popolo                                                                            4PM @AssangePer  Italiani Per Assange

PERTH AUSTRALIA | US Consulate, Perth                                                            3PM  @Perth4Assange






ZURICH SWITZERLAND |Bürkliplatz Stadthausanlage          5PM @freeassange_ch

WASHINGTON DC, USA | Washington Post (MediaHQ)        12 NOON @Action_4assange

LONDON ENGLAND| St Pancras Church                                 6PM Imperialism On Trial

LONDON ENGLAND |  DAILY VIGIL at Belmarsh Prison        ALL DAY



ROSTOCK GERMANY |  Universitätsplatz                                 5PM (fortnightly)
MUNICH GERMANY | Marienplatz                                             4PM
HANAU GERMANY | Marktplatz                                                 10AM (fortnightly)
BERLIN GERMANY | Brandenburger Tor                                  7PM
COTTBUS GERMANY |  Stadthallenvorplatz                             7PM
ULM GERMANY | Fußgängerzone                                              5PM (fortnightly)
HAMBURG GERMANY | Flaggenplatz am Jungfernstie           5PM (fortnightly)
SINGEN GERMANY | Ecke August-Ruf-Str.                                6PM (fortnightly)
STUTTGART GERMANY  |  Rotebühlplatz / Marienstr.            5PM
HANNOVER GERMANY  | Friedrich, Ecke Maschst.                 4PM (fortnightly)
BADEN-BADEN GERMANY | Leopoldsplatz-                             5PM (fortnightly)
WIEN GERMANY  | 2 Stephansplatz                                          5PM (fortnightly)

WASHINGTON DC  USA | Capitol Hill + Supreme Court        12 NOON @Action_4assange

LONDON ENGLAND |  DAILY VIGIL at Belmarsh Prison        ALL DAY


NEW YORK USA | Grand Central Terminal                              5.30PM @NYCFreeAssange
BREMEN GERMANY | Marketplatz                                           5PM
VIENNA AUSTRIA | 11 Gaußplatz                                             7.30PM @yviy1

LONDON ENGLAND |  DAILY VIGIL at Belmarsh Prison       ALL DAY

WASHINGTON DC, USA | Capitol Hill + Supreme Court       12  NOON @Action_4assange



VICTORIA  BC CANADA| #Jam4Julian 761 Station Ave           7.30PM @sherrydrums

ROCKHAMPTON AUSTRALIA |  20 East St #Walk4Assange  9AM FreeAssangeCQ on FB

WASHINGTON DC USA | Whitehouse to DOJ                          12 NOON @Action_4assange
COLOGNE GERMANY |Willy Brandt Platz                                12 NOON

HEIDELBERG GERMANY |Anatomiegarten                              12 NOON  

FRANKFURT AM MAIN GERMANY |Domplatte                        5PM

LONDON ENGLAND |  DAILY VIGIL at Belmarsh Prison         ALL DAY

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