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Stop the War (@STWuk) actively support Julian Assange and attend rallies with JA_Defence (Committee to Defend Julian Assange) in London. Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA)Reporters without Borders, Pen International, Peter Tatchel Foundation & some smaller Human Rights NGO's have come forward and made statements supporting Julian Assange however, so far not enough NGO's have come out to *actively* campaign for Assange. 

Take FreedomFromTorture based throughout the UK.  Have they considered the effect their silence on Julian Assange / Manning has on other people wanting to report human rights abuses? Have any of the NGO's properly considered this? Where are LGBT NGO's for Chelsea Manning? Where are free press / transparency NGOs for Assange? Again... Plenty of critique of human rights abuses. as long as the criminals are not from Western Governments? 


This week Amnesty International made a formal statement condemning the attempted extradition of Julian Assange, for which supporters are grateful, however their statement, like their last formal statement in 2012, and several articles since, contained smears regarding Sweden despite there being no charges.   The head of the Swedish Bar Ann Ramberg, said the handling of the case had been "deplorable" and "Should we extradite to Germany’s Hitler someone who has revealed the existence of concentration camps and genocide, regardless to how that information was obtained?  I don’t think so.

The irony is - most of the NGOs who remain silent or refuse to campaign are happily using Wikileaks documents in their human rights cases.  (in fact- tens of thousands of Wikileaks documents have been used as evidence in court cases!) We are proposing events at Amnesty offices and UK / US conferences during 2-9 Nov where Assange supporters are thanking Amnesty for their recent statement but requesting that they *actively campaign for Assange and #CorrectTheRecord with regards to Sweden.  There will also be NGO related events on the 10 December for Human Right's day and then again for #HappyBirthdayChelsea on 17 Dec.

We will be gradually putting together full lists of those NGO's that have actively supported Julian Assange and journalism / whistleblowing generally.   In other words those NGO's that still work for "the people" and not the corrupt with their military funded "think-tanks".

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